Affiliated Companies

Cellogique Corporation, established in 1994, is a US based company with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a leading provider of cosmetic surgery services in the Middle East region through our cosmetic surgery centers, shops, and skincare products. Cellogique Corp's innovative approach has led to the expansion of our company into more than seven countries in the region.

With more than 5 subsidiary offices around the world, Cellogique Corp has continued to grow each year, introducing new concepts and innovative ideas in the cosmetic services industry. Cellogique Corp.'s unique business model focuses on specializing in distributing pharmaceutical strength skincare products as well as developing cosmetic surgery centers and retail store venues.

Our latest concept introduces Medical Spas such as our Obagi Medical Spa from the newly established world-famous Dubai Mall to exclusive shopping centers around the world.

The company's success has been derived from its entrepreneurial and innovative business model. Our teams of entrepreneurial managers are based in different countries and operate individually and independently following our overall business plan. Each manager adapts to the country and region they represent in order to incorporate our business model within the culture and business environment of that region.

Our cosmetic surgery centers are committed to the highest standards of medical ethics. We are committed to our patients, our doctors, and team of employees. Cellogique Corp. only distributes products that are proven scientifically and clinically to work and that deliver the results our physicians are looking for and our patients need.