When your skin is healthy, it's in great condition, and has:

  • Even tone. No discoloration, blotchiness, rosacea, blemishes.
  • Soft, supple, and even texture.
  • No fine lines, no wrinkles, no crow's feet. Horizontal lines make you look unhappy, and vertical lines make you look old.
  • Firmness and resilience. Replenished collagen and elastin network.
  • Radiance and clarity.

It is always recommended to see a doctor before choosing a service or treatment to solve your skin health issues. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon can give you the best medical treatment for your skin concern by combining the right products with the latest medical advancements. What works for your sister, may not work for you. Each skin is different and it is always a good idea to see with a physician periodically.
Results will depend on whether you are committed to a ZO Skin Health Program or not. You should see firmer skin, smoother texture, diminished lines and wrinkles, more even skin tone and improved radiance.